Make your memory ALIVE by Exploring an  Extra Ordinary of Bali with Singkenken Bali Advisor.

Om Swastyastu,

Singkenken is Easy word and so famous in the world.

By using tagline Tetep Mekenyem and Say Singkenken which meaning that we always Keep Smile and say All is well

Our background is in the Hospitality Industry, we were worked as Sales and Marketing and also had been in the Front Office Department. We usually assist and arrange any accommodation or tour for our customer when we worked in the Hotel industry.

Now, we would become a real entrepreneur by becoming and Advisor for all travelers who want to spend their holiday in Bali. We would ensure that your planning for holiday with the right way in the right price and right place and in order you will always remember the words of Tetep Mekenyem and Say Singkenken in Bali.

Say Singkenken and See you in BALI.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.